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Caustic concentrated liquid detergent to be used with foam lances. It has a strong cleaning and decarbonising action. It can also be used in ovens with automatic self-cleaningsystem.

The automatic system with nozzles allows the product to generate foam and therefore better remove dirt, staying longer in contact with it.

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It is a product formulated to solve cleaning problems of FAP / DPF filters on diesel engine vehicles. Despite the cars of the latest generation are all equipped with internal cleaning system for the removal of carbon deposits, it often happens that for short distances the system does not reach the ideal values for starting the cleaning cycle and the accumulation of deposits inside FAP / DPF, in a long run, requires a special maintenance.





Concentrated antifreeze for very low temperatures. Suitable for surfaces such as roads, squares, alleyways, airstrips, docks, loading areas where ice and snow can cause the slowdown of work activities. It does not damage stones, cement, asphalt and green zones. NO ICE PLUS has a low environmental and high biodegradability impact, because it does not contain chlorides, sulfates or nitrates, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, urea, glycols, surfactants, sodium, calcium.


Liquid, caustic, chlorinated detergent studied for traditional, hood and tape dishwashers. In the case of particularly hard water it develops a strong action against the dishes and cutlery dirt. The presence of chlorine adds to the detergent action the sanitizing one.


Additive for diesel fuel. allows to remove carbon residues, emulsifies all traces of water in the diesel avoiding their accumulation. keeps clean the pipes, ducts, valves from deposits and disperses any paraffinic components, sludge, etc. carries out a lubricant action on mechanical components of the engine and injection pump. one liter of product is sufficient for the treatment of 3,000 liters of diesel. Does not contain chlorinated solvents, fluorine, sulphur and its compounds.

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Tieffe will be at INTERGASTRA

Tieffe will be at Intergastra 20 – 24 /02/2016  -  HALL 1 STAND 1K53
The courage to be different. The drive to try out new things and to promote itself as an innovative trade fair for the gastronomy sector.This is what has earned INTERGASTRA the top spot among the gastronomy trade fairs in the German-speaking region! This is whereboth visitors and exhibitors are faced with a bounty of inspiration, where they can let their imaginations run wild and experience thelarge variety of trends the gastro business has to offer.


ALCAVETRO HW – Solution For Your Dishwasher – No more Scale

Getting your dishes clean with ALCAVETRO HW is simple: rinse them off, put them in the dishwasher, fill the detergent reservoir with ALCAVETRO HW and hit start.


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FLICK – concentrated detergent for the effective chemical maintenance of your combi-steamers. Itremoves fat, grease, carbon and food residues from combination steamer ovens in a fast way.....ask more to




We are grateful to have the opportunity to be present in EXPOCLEAN MOSCOW 2013 – the 15th international exhibition for the cleaning industry which took place in Moscow 13-15th November.


TIEFFE chemical solving

Turco Italiana launches new brand TIEFFE Chemical Solving – the professional maintenance products  for effective solution in: Outdoor space maintenance, Floor maintenance, All kind of surfaces maintenance, Building maintenance, Vehicle maintenance

And many more…..




New product launched - VERI GUD "the last brother of VERI line". ..ask more to

HOST 2013

Thank You for Attending!

Thanks to all our clients and contacts, both new and old, who took the time to visit us at our stand during HOST 2013 – a leading international event in the hospitality industry – in Milan 18-22th November. We enjoyed meeting you and were glad that you had the chance to see our products and discuss your requirements. Hopefully the  HOST 2013 will be a great beginning of our relation.

NEW CATALOGUE HO.RE.CA. for common leaving & work

The new catalogue aimed to the HO.RE.CA professional operators, is now available and downloadable in the website. If you need to receive some copies by post write to


Liquido antigelo concentrato per bassisisme temperature. Utilizzabile su superfici di strade, piazze, vialetti, piste di atterraggio, moli navali, zone di carico, ecc. dove l’accumulo di ghiaccio e neve può provocare rallentamento o impedimento al normale svolgimento delle attività lavorative. Non provoca deterioramento a pietre, cemento, cotto, asfalto, e non si manifesta deterioramento delle ...

TODO NF the most used

TODO NF is the new solution studied by TURCO ITALIANA to face all surfaces. Its special formula enables to use it with floor machines and mops and the FOAM becomes only a bad memory...


We have studied and tested a wide range of products meeting with needs of the operators in the galvanic field.  Find the catalogue in the DOWNLOAD AREA.

Save your buildings with PULIPIETRA

PULIPIETRA is only one of the products included in the professional range studied for the recovery, renovation, maintenance of buildings.  DOWNLOAD the catalogue with the wide range!

Let your engine breathe with FAP CLEANER

Last solution though by Turco Italiana laboratory to solve all cleaning problems of FAP filters installed on vehicles.

New catalogue: HYGIENE & CLEANING

We have just published the new catalogue for HYGIENE & CLEANING field and it is downloadable on line. A complete range of products for ordinary and special maintenance of many surfaces.

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