Food Oil Industry







Powder degreaser and decarbonizer for the removal of sludge and sansaeven if stratified.

SANSACLEAN 47 offers the following advantages:

  • Stable in hard waters
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Rapid emulsification of dirt
  • Adjustable concentration conforming different cleaning needs








BRIX OIL is a liquid formulation that effectively attacks and removes any residue of sansa and sludge even if stratified.

It is compatible witferrous metals and steel. It is used to clean the separating filtersduring oil extraction, and for deep cleaning of every part of the equipment as well as floors tanks, barrels, drains etc.

BRIX OIL, if compared to caustic soda while offering a superior effectiveness, is easier to rinse allowing to save water, time and labour.  









SANILUBE is a liquid lubricant for food industry, brewe-ries, cheese factories conveyors. It is meant to be diluted in soft waters.

SANILUBE offers the following advantages:

  • Provides better cleaning and rinse ability: keeps the conveyors clean for longer periods while reducing maintenance costs
  • Can tolerate more fat and acids without decompo-sing
  • Reduces dirt build-up while keeping the chains clean
  • Increases chains lubrication, reduces motors dirt while enhancing productivity









AIR 19HN is a strong detergent and concentrated, water-based, non-flammable for general use, safe on all surfaces painted and unpainted, in mechanical, engineering, aviation, food, catering, etc..

It removes dirt, dust, oily film, grease, light carbon deposits and residues from exhaust covers and bodywork of motor vehicles, construction equipment, etc..

It 'fast rinsing and leaves no scratches, stains or deposits on surfaces.









SOFF IGI is a liquid, odorless, sanitizing soap. It contains special agents that reduce and prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin.
This is a combination of special surfactants, wetting and antibacterial agents; with excellent amount of foam and without the tendency to irritate the sensitive parts.

It takes a small amount of SOFF IGI to get a rich and deep cleansing action, leaving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness for long.








It is a calibrated mixture of surfactants, mineral salts and quaternary ammonium salts that make a product at the same time cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing
SANIX destroys the source of many annoying odors: instead of covering with a perfume smell unpleasant, SANIX destroys the cause, leaving the air really clean and it is safe on all kind of surfaces.






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