Gaviota 1024





This is a strong water based detergent for wide range of application in the engine housing area and bilge. It removes dirt, dust, oily films, grease and residues from surfaces. GAVIOTA 1010 is a low foaming and pleasantly scented product.


Gaviota 4070





This is a product develop for cleaning and shining fiberglass hulls, structures, decks, aluminum surfaces. Gaviota 4070 removes stain and creates on the surface a protective film which facilitates further cleaning operation. It can be used on aluminum alloys, steel and well cured paints.


Gaviota 4072





Gaviota 4072 is a product developed especially for the needs of nautical industry. Gaviota 4072 is a very fine abrasive that can be used to brighten up old hulls paint, panels and other fiberglass structures. It doesn’t contain acid or corrosive components and leaves the surfaces shiny clean and brilliant. Due to its particular smoothness Gaviota 4072 is of rapid use, permitting to save on consumption in comparison to similar products.







It is a liquid formulation with a very high breaking up properties, deodorant and sanitizer, developed for closed circuit toilets used on various vehicles by an effective action of 2 days. It does not contain formic aldehyde, phenols and its by-products; it is based on quaternary ammonium salts. It is stable in hard waters, it is easy to rinse and does not cause corrosion or stains.


Gaviota 1025m





It is an effective room temperature degreaser. It removes grease, dirt, oily residues, light tar layers. GAVIOTA 1025M is safe on every metal; subsequently it can be used on any mechanical part, as for example carburetors, engine parts, bearings, pistons, electrical motor casing, before and after maintenance.


Gaviota 815





This is a strong multipurpose water based detergent which is safe on inflatable boats, rubber surfaces, neoprene, PVC. It removes dirt, dust, oily films, greases and residues on external surfaces, on tubes and on the glass fibre hulls. It is effective for all the daily cleaning problems.


Gaviota 4028





It is a strong water based, low foam detergent that can be safely used on any surface. It removes dirt, dust, oily films, grease and residues from external hull surface. It can be easily rinsed and it does not leave stain or traces. It is an ideal product for the daily boat cleaning.


Gaviota 4036





This is a concentrated non foaming detergent. It is neutral, it doesn’t contain alkaline substances or solvents. After application it can be easily rinsed without leaving stains. It is lemon scented. Gaviota 4036 it’s ideal for hand cleaning of dishes, cutlery, pottery, decks, hulls, pots and pans, counter tops, containers, seats and curtains. Its elevated concentration grants high effectiveness even at low concentration.



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