A suspension of micronized particles of a fat copper base oil together with corrosion inhibitors. It  maintains its characteristics over a wide range temperature between -30 ° C and +1090 ° C. Not removed by water and steam thus ensuring a high protection and lubrication even in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, avoiding the dangers of wear and seizure.
It is used as a lubricant for bolts, equipment mining, marine, rail, gaskets, and as an antirust conditions severe temperature and pressure, such as waterproofing sheaths, joints, etc..



A special formulation designed for the cleaning carrozzerie of cars, trucks, transport vehicles, public buses, etc..

Applies when there is a need for very quick action of removal of oil, grease, pollutants from road traffic from painted surfaces and unpainted vehicles, keeping them in good condition and appearance. This is a special formulated concentrate formula with anionic surfactants and non-ionic surfactants, inorganic salts, organic sequestering agents, adjuvants.



Concentrated antifreeze for very low temperatures. Suitable for surfaces such as roads, squares, alleyways, airstrips, docks, loading areas where ice and snow can cause the slowdown of work activities. It does not damage stones, cement, asphalt and green zones. NO ICE PLUS has a low environmental and high biodegradability impact, because it does not contain chlorides, sulfates or nitrates, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, urea, glycols, surfactants, sodium, calcium.


JET 100

A special solvent, hydrocarbon-based oil denatured with foreign, free from aromatic solvents, sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus.

It is used as a cleaning solvent is required with a high flash point (> 100 ° C) can also be used as a flushing fluid during machining operations for finishing and roughing.

Its low viscosity allows easy separation of the chips from the cutting area and processing.

It ensures good cooling action while maintaining a constant heat of exercise. The high boiling point (240 ° C - 330 ° C) significantly reduces the formation of vapors and odors even when it is used manually for the removal of grease and fat.


JET 89


A calibrated mixture of solvents mainly of the aliphatic series and paraffin that finally solves at once the drawbacks present in the normal solvents.


JET 89 is particularly appreciated in its use for:.

  • Degreaser universal for iron, steel, aluminum, etc..
  • Solvent for wax, polish, polishes, etc..
  • Thinners for paints, greases normal, fat, deep drawing, etc..



A concentrated liquid alkaline detergent for use with high pressure systems for cleaning the underbody of the vehicle on rails placed on dedicated platform, in conjunction with the operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Its  recommended concentrations, does not damage metals and delicate details, and does not affect the paint. Remove grease, oil, organic residues.




This is a liquid acid formulation developed to remove the typical kind of dirt of vehicles travelling on rails like rust, oxides, residues from braking blocks, and all the components deriving from weather and environmental pollution (smog, limestone etc.)

FS EXTERNO 50D, at the suggested concentration, is compatible with the environment and all depuration systems. It is used to do the external cleaning of rail carriages, subways and intermodal transport either with manual or automatic or semi-automatic application systems.




A detergent specifically designed for cleaning and descaling the circuits of vacuum toilets, which are found on aircraft or high speed trains.

It 'a formulated acidic liquid, slightly viscous, pleasantly scented, used for periodic maintenance or if necessary "on-site" circuits, piping, etc.., Toilets vacuum systems that have a tendency to become encrusted by accumulation of material during their operation. The frequency and methodology of cleaning and descaling will depend on local conditions and the load of deposits that build up in the system.




A liquid formulation developed to control and reduce foam and its formation in caustic or alkaline water based solution. It can be used both in dipping as well as in spraying equipment.

ANTISCHIUMA 128 doesn’t contain silicones or mineral oils therefore minimizes inconvenient in painting lines.




It is specifically designed for the removal of carbon and other residues and deposits which are particularly difficult to remove, it is also effective for the removal of fats, annealed oils, scale, protective, some lacquers and paints.

Is used for immersion in a hot tub, in low pressure spray equipment, in chain washing booths or in agitation equipment like Tabulator.

It is safe to use on iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper; is NOT suited to be used on aluminum and light alloys, zinc alloys.




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