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It is an alkaline powder for cleaning and decarbonizing actions on ferrous metal and aluminum parts between one phase and another one of the manufacturing process. It contains a rust inhibitor. It is used to remove oil, grease, sludge, polish dirt of ferrous and aluminum alloys. It can be applied by spraying in the cabins, rotary drum, or by immersion in a stirring bath.


Carbon _degreaser





It is a decarbonized and detergent powder not containing silicates. Silicates are normally used to provide an anticorrosive action on aluminum but they can leave residues on surfaces that can interfere with the following operations (for example thermal treatments). 

CARBON DEGREASER is used to remove polish, carbonized residues, oils, greases, inks, dirt from ferrous and aluminum alloys surfaces before the operations of welding, bonding, chemical conversion, anodization, etc. It is safe on all metallic alloys. It should not be used on magnesium alloys. It can be used by spraying, ultrasonic, flow-on, dipping equipment.  


Liquid _cleaner





Alkaline interoperational degreaser for use by spraying and immersion. Protective for all metals, designed to remove workshop dirt, lubricating oils, dirt from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

It offers the following advantages:
* low foaming (following the instructions)
* suitable for light alloys and copper
* it is an interoperational protective without final rinse
* used at low concentrations and temperatures
* does not contain nitrites, chromates
* easy to rinse
* separates quickly oils and greases prolonging the life of the bath

It can be used by spraying or mechanical agitation starting from a temperature of 35° C. 







It is an alkaline detergent powder. It is a special formulation to be used in all cases of stubborn dirt such as carbon deposits, oils and greases difficult to be removed. Is normally used by spray and splash systems. It is safe on iron alloys, aluminum and copper.

It is used hot in workshops and maintenance companies of the mechanical components of the truck mounted or dismounted.


Denv 11_2





It is a liquid solvent emulsifiable cleaner intended to remove oil, grease, soot or carbon deposits from painted and not painted  surfaces. It is used for the cleaning of motors, engines, parts, wheels, etc.Offers the following advantages:
• it does not stain the paint,
• it is non-corrosive on metals,
• it does not cause "crazing" on acrylic plastic.

It is used at room temperature by immersion, spraying or brush, ultrasounds.


Jet 42tif





Odorless solvent cleaner. It does not attack steel and aluminium alloys, rubber, synthetic rubber, insulating materials. It is very useful in closed rooms where its low toxicity and volatility allow to be used by spraying or in still tank. 

JET 4 offers following benefits:

*low odor

* low hazards

* low toxicity

* leaves no residue

* high flash point

It is used as received, at room temperature by spray gun, brush, cloth  hand, agitated dip tank, ultrasonic equipment.







is a strong non-flammable water-based detergent safe on all surfaces, varnished and not, used in mechanic plants. In normal use conditions AIR 19HN is a limited-foam detergent. It removes dirt, dust, grease and grease film, light carbonaceous residuals and residuals of vehicle chassis dumping, as well as residuals from machineries that moves on the ground, etc. It can be safely used on well set paints. It can quickly be rinsed and it does not leave stripes, stains or deposits on surfaces. It is used mixed with water, minimizing waste management and dumping problems. It is safe on all metals, including aluminum and stainless steel.

It can be applied on the parts to be cleaned by spraying or manually even in plastic cleaning equipment.




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