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Turco Italiana SPA

Since 1963 Turco Italiana spa has been aiming to be a strong and reliable who meets needs and expectations of its operators, suppliers, public and industrial users as well as consumers. The company, which works for the continuous improvement of processes and products, is inspired by some basic values and aims. These are: operation according to the principles of prevention and traceability, as well as providing a safe and secured - streamline business management in all areas - recognize a fundamental role in the formation and the involvement of all staff, and in 1963 the Turco Italiana spa develops and manufactures chemicals formulated for the cleaning of metal surfaces, wood and plastics.

The roots of Turco Italiana spa originate in Aeronautics. The nature and highly innovative technique, is sure the origins of the Aeronautical sector have imposed more than 50 years, all Italian spa a Turco an operational methodology, the specifications for safety and quality standards at the highest LEVEL of the market. The approach to the research and development of formulas innovation plays prose the Turco Italiana spa a key role. in Turco we believe that research, Innovation and service that our laboratory offers is the basis of our business' commercial offiriamo our customers with innovative, cutting-edge techniques, through the use of chemicals formulated exclusively made with the best components available on the market.